I haven’t talked about hummingbirds for a while now. That’s because I don’t have any around anymore. The last one I had departed early on September 24th. Since I’m not in a flyway, I can’t really expect to have any more this year. I’m still hoping to get lucky and get a visit from something that’s overwintering, but winter hummingbirds are pretty rare, even as warm as it is around here. Hummingbirds don’t migrate on food availability or temperature, they migrate based on the amount of light durring the day.
I have three feeders out now. I’ll keep all three out all year round, bot only two will be filled, and those two will only be filled halfway to prevent too much waste. Mom told me she was out of the humingbird business. She says the feeders I gave her for mother’s day are great, but she just can’t keep up with them, so she gave them back to me. So now I have 4 Hummzinger Excels, one red glass apple feeder, one copper window feeder, and a much disliked Opus 440-12. I plan on buying some of these uber-cute stick feeders, so I’ll have hummingbird feeders out my ears. Trinny left the hummzinger I gave her with Larken, so I’ll assume she doesn’t want another. If anyone else wants one, let me know. They’re great feeders, but I don’t have a place to put four of them around here.