11453thebeewolf: I made scones but they suck
Tenseinobi: john and I are making pigs in a blanket
thebeewolf: tasty!
Tenseinobi: yeah!
Tenseinobi: and after that, it’s cupcakes
thebeewolf: curse you and your svelte young selves
Tenseinobi: nah. i just like fattening foods
Tenseinobi: and foods that look like little penises don’t hurt eiher
thebeewolf: it hadn’t occured to me
Tenseinobi: mutant penises, but still..
thebeewolf: that is quite a blog-worthy observation
Tenseinobi: what, yours or mine?
thebeewolf: yours
Tenseinobi: hrm… photos included.. I wonder
thebeewolf: yes perhaps you can find some look-alikes for comparison
Tenseinobi: ewww. that’s a bit too far.
thebeewolf: perhaps
Tenseinobi: my dad doesn’t need to see penis photos compared to beanie weenies
thebeewolf: good call