11474Meggie has been here (as in, in town) for a few days. She was here to go to the annual Athens Downtown party, where everyone dresses up in costume and runs around downtown’s 6 blocks of bars for Halloween. The last time I went, it was with her, in 2002.. I think. I was supposed to go with her and a few of her freinds this time, but I opted to stay in. Too sick to go. It was really disappointing, but I’d rather be disappointed and well rather than sick for another week or so. She’s been staying on and off with me, but yesterday was the first time she’s had a whole afternoon with me, so we went for a stroll with the new camera, just to pass time. It was warm out, and I needed some fresh air too.
We took a walk down by the local creek and saw some fun fish. I got an interesting photo of a spiky seed pod and also a photo of Megan taking a picture of them with her camera phone. It doesn’t do macro too well. She ended up with a nice photo of the tree behind them though. It takes surprisingly nice photos! I got some more of some flowers and a red leaf, and a few of her. All in all, it was just a nice afternoon running around being sisters. Something we don’t get to do often (as in, once every few years), and it certainly put me in a better mood after being sick for so long.