I’m working on a set of winter fairies. Snow (soft, sleepy, sylphlike white), Ice (fractal and blue), Barren Woods (brown and twiggy, lonely), Soft Evening (black and purple, almost Gothic) and perhaps a Christmas Fairy (red and gold).

Shot the Snow fairy last week and the Ice fairy over the weekend, just thought I’d post some fun outtakes of the session as well as some costume building photos.

The snow faerie I covered in baby powder to make her more pale, then we threw sugar and oatmeal all over her to look like snow. It was a total bust.. I’ll have to add in the ‘snow’ in photoshop for sure. Poor kid was COVERED in it. The snow wings were bought at an ebay store like… 5 years ago.. I stopped using them for some reason.. that huge gap from the kid to the fabric is why. Arg….

Oh, and fake no-calorie sweetener doesn’t blow forward, it just blows right back into your face. Yep. That was a bust too.

After an hour of telling her what to do and covering her in everything, she had to put something on ME before we left.

The ice faerie was the better planned out of the two so far.. I can tell you that cutting these wings out of foamcore with a dull exacto knife is  RIGHT bitch. I need more blades if I’m going to that again. The crown is silver pipe cleaners, which I liked with more ice crystals afterwards.

Overall, I really dig how they looked. Attaching them to the child via ace bandage under the dress was perfect too.. until she started jumping and running. Then the wings and the crown just fell straight off. I think I could make the wings sturdier, but the crown is too front heavy to do anything about.