Last night I dreamed that I was at work (note: I have never dreamed of a place I’ve ever actually been, so when I say ‘work’, what I mean is a place that my head recognized as ‘work’ but looks nothing like anywhere I’ve ever been). A lady came in with a small package of something, and asked me if I could keep an eye on it. I said sure, and she left. I ignore it for a while, and she comes back. She says that I’ve done such a good job watching it for her that she’ll let me fly with her for a while. Naturally, I’m thrilled. She hold out her hand to me, and we just fly off, like Superman and Lois Lane or something. Just flying through the air. She lands and takes a bit of the stuff in the box (it’s a powder) and throws it on me. It’s flying dust (Peter Pan anyone?), and I can fly by myself! I zoom around the sky for hours and it’s wonderful. I land and go back to work, hoping that the dust will last long enough to do it again. One of my co-workers decides to steal the box of powder, so I run after her to head her off, knowing that if she takes it, I’ll never fly again. I get there just in time, and I decide to steal the powder for myself (Meggie, where were you in this dream? You always stop me from doing bad things!). I need some magic to make it permanant, so I steal that too (WTF?). It’ll take a while to process, so I head back to work, content in the knowledge that I’ve foiled a would-be thief and I’ll be able to fly for the rest for my life. While I’m busy being happy, my boss comes in and tells me about the stolen powder. I pretend to be surprised and outraged. She asks to shake my hand, then says my handshake is nervous and unnatural (yeah, huh?). She asks me again about the powder, and I lie again (though I almost told the truth). Just as the magic is ready, the police come and handcuff me for stealing!

This is where I woke up, sweating like a pig (wait, pigs don’t sweat!) and scared out of my mind that I was being hauled to jail and I’d never fly again. Once I calmed down enough to realize that I wasn’t going to jail, it hits me that I’ll actualy never actually fly.. ever. *sigh* I hate mornings like that. I always just want to cry myself back to sleep. Though, being able to fly would be worth stealing just about anything. Too bad it’s not that easy.