So, last night was finally seXXXy halloween. I’ve been looking forward to this for months. I couldn’t build a new costume since finances have been really tight for a while, so I wore the french maid getup I built for Atari’s graduation party. I won first place that party for the costume, so I wasn’t expecting to win a thing this year, as the judges had seen it already. John and I got up early here, and went out to pick up soem last minute costume bits. He needed leather wrist cuffs and some fake fur for boot coverings. Kleef was lending him his kilt for the night, so we packed up and left Athens at about 2pm.

11643We got to the party venue at about 3pm to help out with the setup. I was put to work stuffing the nasty guy in the morge wheelchair while John got to work cutting the eyes out of the porno in the eyeball room. One I was done stuffing the dude and zip-tying him to the wheelchair, Atari and I took him outside and dumped fake blood all over him and the guts he was trying to hold in. It was so gross we scared a few of the people walking by for the Tech game that afternoon. After the guy was done, I sort-of took over the dungeon as Atari wanted some decent photos of people using the Esse for his bosses. The Liberator crew had graciouly donated a Scoop, a Ramp and a Wedge to be given away as prizes, plus they added an Esse and a Scoop to the dungeon for the night for people to play on. I made sure that the lighting was bright enough for some decent photos, which was a real bitch because we only had one working outlet in that room. It took me a good 2 hours to get some light in there and to get it cleaned up and somewhat decorated. By the time I fisished in there, it was time to get dressed. I made sure to get some quick photos of me on the Esse, just in case no one else played with it.

11661The party started off quite slowly, so I spent a lot of time just sitting down and chatting with people. Heels are a bitch to walk in for me, because I never wear them. I somehow developed a migrane halfway throught the night, so John walked 3 blocks to a gas station (in costume) to buy me some Aleve. I love him. After that, the party was much better. We had some great costumes too. Unfortunantly, instead of the 3 batteries I usually have for my camera, I was stuck with 1.5. I just didn’t get as many photos as I wanted to. There were two more photographers there, so I don’t feel quite as bad, but I do feel like I wasn’t doing my (self-appointed and surely obnoxious) job. The costume contest finally got started at about 12:30am, and by that time the crowd had swelled to about 200 people. The three judges opted for a more fair point-based system and also included to option of some honorable mentions. There were about 15 male entrants and 15 female entrants, so the actual contest took quite a while. Each contestant walked on stage and answered questions from the judges, then walked off.

11652Right before I was set to go up, I was fretting about what to do when I got up there. Just standing there wasn’t going to turn heads. Right then, John walks up out of nowhere, grabs me and says "Hey. Go up there and pretend to dust the drumset. Make sure you show off your ass too." I was so thankful he’d had an idea. I walked up, showed off my ass and answered some questions ("Hey, do those legs go all the way up?"). I sat back down for the judging, because my feet were really killing me. It was about 2:30am by that time. I was hoping to actually win a cash prize this time, but I wasn’t really counting on it. I did win an Honorable Mention for Best Effort, which was great. I do put a lot of effort into my costumes. Third place went to a monkey and his handler, second to Bender and first to The Prince and Katamari. The Liberator crew stepped up to give their prizes, and I looked around for John. They were giving one girl pick, one male pick and one extra pick. I was about to leave, because I’d heard another girl telling her boyfriend that she’d been told she’d won the girl pick. She had a great satyr costume, complete with horns, fur legs and a tail! I figured that I wasn’t going to get away with anything but the Best Effort (still totally awesome). I couldn’t find him though, so I watched the picks anyway. Slinky won the male pick, snagging the Scoop. I was watching the girl who was to win the other pick, but to my total shock… I was called! My hand went involuntarily up to my mouth in surprise, and I stepped up to get my prize, the Ramp. I was feeling really sorry for the other girl, but I was happy to actualy win something so awesome (and useful!). The Wedge did in fact go to the other girl, so I felt much better. Afterwards, I thanked the Liberator crew, who told me that I got the Ramp because I’m way too tall. Heh.

After that, I changed clothes, got some cars moved, and left. It was 3am. We made it back up here at 4:30am and crashed. I woke up today at 10am, but I caught a 3 hour nap this afternoon, totally screwing my sleep schedule for work tomorrow. All in all. a great party, and I hope we can do it again next year.