I keep hearing two phrases in some iteration or another.

“It’s your day. It really only maters what YOU want. The groom is just there to stand there.” Um, what? If my man is only good for standing there, what the hell am I marrying him for? It’s not my day. No, really.. it’s not. It’s my day, it’s John’s day, it’s every guests’ there day. They are all there to help us celebrate a union of two people, not to bow down to the bride so she gets her one-woman prom. This isn’t a dictatorship, here. John (when he wants to) has made some requests and suggestions. Some of them were put right into the wedding, others were eventually ruled out. It’s not all about me.

“It’s the most important/special/amazing/wonderful day of your life!!!!” Really? So, I could just die now? Well, damn, what do I have to look forward to afterwards then? I’m sure there are people out there that feel that a wedding really is the most important day of your life, but what about all those days/years/decades afterwards? Do you die miserable because the rest of your life is so much less than your wedding? I think not. Well, maybe some people do. What a sad commentary on married life.