11815Things you may know:
I work at a pre-school. All of my ‘students’ are two years old. I have 10 of them daily.
Things you may not know:
Two year olds still eat with their fingers unless you remind them not to. Rice is the worst thing for a two year old to imagine getting on his or her spoon.

Thus, it ends up everywhere. On the child, on the table, on the wall behind the child, under the table, in the child’s clothes, in the child’s diaper.. etc. Couple that with extra dry cornbread (it’s tasty, just crumbles easily) and it was a disaster on my floor on Thursday. The menu was pinto beans, rice, cornbread, peaches and ‘slaw’. Any of the above is a disater by itself, but combining them made some sort of diabolical food explosion in which I had rice and cornbread in a 15 foot radius surrounding the table. I began cleaning up before snapping the picture, but I did get the mess under the table. Should have gotten the whole thing though. You don’t want to know what the slaw and pinto beans did to the diapers later.