11857On a whim, i decided to grab the XT and take a photo-stroll today. The sky was a bit overcast, but the weather was warmer than anything I was likely to get for another week, so I wandered around for the better part of two hours. I went through a costruction sit and saw some fun mud. I stalked some butterflies in a field. I strolled up to the local nursery and shot a bunch of their flowers. While I was there, I happened upon a bunch of cloisonne hummingbird ornaments. They were only $10, but I had all of 80 cents to my name, so they’ll have to wait. But I plan on going back up there for one. Or a few… Overall, it was a nice time just strolling about.

I came home from my fun trip and talked to my computer for a while. I just installed Dragon Naturally Speaking so I can get my graphic novel from handwritten format into digital. I could type it all out, but talking at the computer is so much more fun. Plus, I can use it for anything that has a text box. LiveJournal, WordPress, e-mail, google, Word docs.. everything. Oh, it’s not 100% accurate, but It get smost of what I say right. Then there’s the handy advantage of not having to worry about spilling Diet Coke all over it.

11875When I got bored with talking at the computer, I grabbed the XT again and went to go bother my local photo geek friend, DavidB. He lives four doors down from me, and he also happens to be Larken’s stepdad, which we didn’t know when we moved in! He’s been geeking out with me over the XT since I first begun to plan on buying one, but he’s been busy every weekend since I bought it. We took it out and played around with it, mainly shooting the dog, Peaches. I shot a few of him with her as well, but she’s a bit hard to shoot because she’s deaf. You can’t get her to look at the camera unless you wave it in the air. Stumpy loves to go toture Peaches by standing outside the glass door and watching poor Peaches crash into it. On the way back in to check out what we’d shot, I caught a Katydid
I came back in a goofed off for a while and I still haven’t gotten done what I needed to get done!