It’s SPRING here again. I’ve got a bunch of fairy princess mini sessions in the local peach orchard again this year, just like last year. It’s sooo gorgeous there. In fact, it’s so gorgeous that a local fauxtographer decided to change the dates and location of the fairy princess she was running to be in the same orchard on the same date as me. It was disrespectful enough that she was running ‘stylized fairy session in an orchard setting’ (especially since our business name is Stylized Portraiture), but to change to the same place and time and day as me to run the same things (complete with a canopy just like I did last year) was just flat rude and unprofessional. I am just aghast that someone would this that was acceptable at any rate.

There was a bank robbery just down the road a few days ago. The police chopper was sweeping the area looking for him before it got dark. I leaned out the door and snapped a few photos because I just LOVE helicopters!