At some point this month, I took my 10,000th digital photo. This is since I first started way back in 2001! I thought I’d take a look at all of the cameras I’ve had over the years.

Olympus D510 Zoom – 2MP Camera. Christmas present from Mom and Dad, 2000. Great camera, only drawbacks were the sliding lens cover in front, the batteries, and an inability to withstand shocks. Justin dropped the first one and broke it, the second died when I ran my car off the road at 45mph. #2 crashed into the back of the passenger seat and the buttons in back no longer worked. The front sliding lens cover had a bad habit of popping off or breaking as well. It ran on 4AA batteries, which were constantly running out, were always heavy, and got a bit $$$. Took good photos for a 2MP camera though. Sample shot: here.

Canon Powershot S400 – 4MP Camera. I was saving up for it, but them Mom bought it for mr in Sep. 2003. Stunning camera. Loved almost every aspect about this camera. It’s small, it’s light, it’s fast, and it took great macro pictures from about 3cm away from the object. It also withstood shocks well. Bad points: short battery life, inability to do a true lavender, lack of manual controls, have to use Canon’s software. Sold to Dad in Dec 2004, still in great condition. Sample shot: here.

Sony DSC-V1 – 5MP Camera. Saved up for and bought in December 2004 after seeing one in action. Great camera, but not as sharp in output as the S400. Good points: nightshot and nightvision modes, hologram autofocus assist, fast, hotshoe, withstands shocks well. Bad points: trouble focusing through glass, small range of manual controls, photos not super-sharp through glass, not as small/light/ easy to carry, short battery life. Still have now, considering selling to buy something smaller for daily use. Sample shot: here.

Canon Digital Rebel XT – 8MP Camera. Saved up and bought October 21 2005. Fully manual DSLR. Good points: interchangeable lenses, long battery life, manual focus, great autofocus, ease of use. Bad points: too large for daily use, trouble focusing when using self-timer, have to use Canon’s software. Sample shot: here.

I can’t believe I’ve taken over 10,000 photos in just 5 years. More than half of those have been in just the last year and a half. I wonder how many I’ll be up to in another year.