11899As I was driving back home from work yesterday, i noticed that the gas light was on. This isn’t surprising, since I have a bad habit of letting the car get down to fumes before I put anything in it again.It started up just finethough, so i figured I had at least another day of back and forth to work in the tank. This morning I found out just how wrong I was. It’s only a mile to work (which is an easy walk for me), but the car chugged to a halt in the center divide about 1/2 a mile out. I called work and let them know that I’d be hoofing it in to work because I was dumb. I have a great coat and it was a nice 40F as I set out. I was getting nice and toasty just as one of my co-workers pulled up beside me. She’s a true southerner and she thought it was just too cold to let anyone walk a few hundred yards in to work. Bah. I was pleased by the thoughfulness though. I called John who (does this a lot) filled up the gas can and picked me up from work so we could fill up the car again. Thi sis a first, however. usually when it runs out of gas due to my stupidity, it makes it home but just doesn’t start the next day. This is the first time I’ve actually run out of gas and sputtered to a halt while driving. Every once in a while, you just need a kick in the ass to let you know you’re not as smart and you think you are.