Atari’s graduation costume party is coming up in less than a week, which makes it about time for a quick test run for the French maid costume I’ve been working on. The sewing machine has come in first place in the ‘priceless’ category. It’s SOOOO much easier doing this with the sewing matching rather than the glue I’ve been using. I gathered up all the many pieces (dress, 2 petticoats, stockings, heels, maid hat, neck garter, leg garter, apron, feather duster) of this thing and prepared. Last night I slept in sponge rollers and put enough mousse in my hair to hold it for a week. I took the rollers out at 11am this morning, and so far the curls are still there. Yay for Meggie for showing me how to curl up my hair and make it stay. Now I just have to time how long it takes the curl to fall out. I decided to shoot a few pictures so I could see how the whole thing looks. Since I’m such a costume geek, I thought I’d share a couple.