So, I’ve always wanted to be wearing a tsumami kanzashi in my hair (for those of you who dome know that the heck that is, here’s some info: ) on my wedding day.. I figure it’s the only day I can really get away with wearing something that elaborate! My sister is rolling her eyes as I type, I think.. saying it’s too much in my hair.. but I’m doing it anyway!

I found an amazing kanzashi artist on DeviantArt/Etsy and asked the artist about making me one of these:

My dress is ivory and red (photo:, so i wanted the kingfisher to be in ivory/red and have not-so-long tails on it. I just got the workup sketch for it!

I’m going with option B, and it’ll be about 2.5 inches wide and 4 inches long, to be placed in my hair after the veil comes out. Here’s her amazing store: