… Freezing in the evening, feezing at suppertime…
Backstory: My car leaks. The sunroof has become un-sealed, and when it rains for an extended time, the water collects in some area of the roof until the car is going downhill. At that point, the water slides forward and out of the sunroof hole on the inside, drenching the driver with about a gallon of icy or boiling water.
Yeah… I’ve had better days. This morning I wake up after 7 hours of sleep (I’m used to about 9-10). Tired, cranky, I lever myself out of the bed anyway. I just want to go back to sleep. I’m just in the mood to be hugged on and whine about everything, but I head to work anyway.As I’m leaving, John says:

John: Hey, you want a towel in case your sunroof leaks today?”
Me: Nah. It won’t leak on me until I’m heading home, so I won’t need one.”
John: Ooooookayyy…

Get in the car. Forget all about it. Brake down a hill at the stoplight. *sploosh* AUGHHH!!!!!! Rassa frazza fricka fracka…Get to work, take off my top two layers which are now soaked through, put on a spare sweater I just happened to have in the car. It’s at this point I realize I don’t have any Diet Coke in the fridge at work. Narg!! I need my DC in the morning. Run over to the neighboring gas station to buy some. It’s still pouring, so the kids are testy because they’ve been cooped up inside all day. They’re bouncing off the walls, I’m working on everything I can do just to keep them off the ceilings while still trying to stay sane myself.
Finally, I can go home. It’s been pouring all day, but I think to myself “Since I emptied it this morning, it shouldn’t be full enough to get me this time. Drive, brake *sploosh!* AUGHHH!!!!! Grrr… Get home, soaked and freezing, only to find out that John has turned off the heat durring the day. Not surprisingly, it’s freaking freezing in the house too. I changed directly into my PJ’s, made a pair of (not burned) Grilled Cheese sandwiches, and sat in front of the tube. I plan on having a nice hot bath and eat tons of chocolate while my 4 shirts and one pair of pants dry.