So, yesterday we drove into Atlanta to measure some things at our venue, meet the photographer, do one catering tasting and two cupcake tastings.

The venue was just as gorgeous as usual, but the owner was gone when we arrived and came back smelling like a mini bar. I honestly think she was DWI’ing it. She asked us twice if she had told us about her sick grandson. No wonder she can never remember me when I email if she’s drinking all the time.. All the reviews about her tell me she’s nothing less than professional, so maybe I was imagining it. John says he didn’t smell anything.

The photographer meeting was both good and disappointing. He is.. scary good looking. Like.. he needs to be a damn model. I know he can do a great job, but I’m a little miffed that he doesn’t do his research. He had no idea about my cranes, he knew I was a photog, but I don’t think he’s ever gone to our website and he didn’t really know a damn thing about ME. I felt like I was small potatoes to him. I know his kids and wife’s names, I know what companies he’s involved in. Frankie says I’m a total internet stalker. 😛 I thought everyone did research on the people they trust with their wedding memories?

The catering place was late starting, but had some pretty good grilled chicken, sausage rolls and some really amazing cranberry pasta salad something, but most of it was too complicated for me… Pecan encrusted chicken with basil and horseradish.. ick. Just give me some damn chicken fingers and deviled eggs.

Cupcake place 1 was all AMAZING, OMG. She had these cream cheese poundcake flavor ones with buttercream icing.. NOM. John loved the chocolate and I also enjoyed the red velvet, but the rest were filled with weird flavors I didn’t care for. She boxed up what we didn’t eat, so I got to re-enjoy them after dinner. Hers are $2/each.

Cupcake place 2 we drove to and took an hour to get to because all the roads were freaking closed. Then right as we pull into the parking lot, she calls and says she’s sick in bed and won’t make it. I was seriously pissed. She is mailing us a box this week and hers are $1.50/each. So we’ll wait to make a choice on those for now.