So, I jumped out of a plane on Saturday. 🙂


I was FINE yesterday. I have a split second of “Oh shit, what was I THINKING?!?!” right as my knees were at the door of the plane, but then we were out and I opened my eyes and saw the plane right above us and it was AMAZING. I had a really hard time breathing until I closed my mouth. We jumped out at 12,000 feet, fell for 50 seconds and opened the parachute at about 5000 feet. My video and stills guy was AWESOME. I think he was so pumped that he kept me from being more scared. He’d been up 12 times before me, but he acted like I was his only job that day.

It was EXHAUSTING. It was like all the energy just drained out of me the minute my feet touched the ground again. I’m super sore and achy today from pushing against 120mph winds, and my thighs are chaffed as hell from where the harness was when the parachute snapped open.

No one told me about after-fear either! I was rehashing my jump this morning. I was all scared and breathing heavy just thinking about it for about 45 minutes. The worst part is that it’s totally stupid! Here I am, just fine, safe in my bed. Blah. I’d do it again if given the opportunity, but I don’t think I’ll be down at the skydive place every weekend.

Here is the video: