I read Trinny’s latest entry about how she met her The Boy (Tang). This got me thinking. How did I meet John? What did I say to him? Where did we go? I realized that i just don’t remember. I know I had to have met John at Psiu, because Justin had taken me up there before, and I’d been dating Random. I seriously don’t recall when I first saw him there, despite the fact that he’d been two seats away from me in my high school homeroom!
After Random and I broke it off, I know at some point I’d been flirting with him but he’d (as usual) had been oblivious to it. I even resorted to awful tickling match, but to no effect. I remember sitting him down at some time and telling him outright (I STILL don’t know what on earth possessed me) that I liked him. He was so shocked that he avoided me for a week. I kept thinking I’d been rejected outright, so I was pretty shocked when he came around. To this day, we still make jokes about me chasing him down.
I think what really kicked it off for us was a night-long talk in the parking lot. I had my keys in my hand the entire time because I’d been trying ot go home, but I just never shut up long enough to get in the car and drive away. My mother was furious, and I still have no idea what we talked about for 8 hours. It’s been almost 5 1/2 years now, but I still have no idea what I first said to him.
You’d think that you’d remember somehting like that. I normally have a very presise memory for what was said, often word for word. Yet, I cannot ever recall what I first say to people when I frst meet them. I can often not even remember when or where I met them. Years later and I look back and wonder what the hell I was doing. Or if there’s somehting wrong with me that I can’t remember.