I feel like I have lost a week of my life this week. I was shooting an in-home newborn session Monday. I wrapped it up and it was great and I was packing up the car with the last bit of gear and I shut the car door on the tip of my left pointer finger. Like, slammed it in the door. It bounced right out, but it was black right away. I went back in, calmly asked for some ice, got in my car and sobbed all the way back home. I could have sworn I’d broken the tip bone.

30 minutes after

I was in so much pain on Monday night that I thought SURELY something was massively wrong and they’d have to chop the thing off. I honestly think that cutting it right off would have hurt less. A local pair of friends came over Monday night with some Hydrocodone.. didn’t take the pain away, didn’t make me high either.. just made me queasy for three hours. Ick!

Tuesday morning

I coped for two days with it hurting, then on Wednesday night the same pals came over to check up on me and I confessed I’d been too chicken to drain it myself. They told me they’d do it, so I agreed. Hot paperclip to the nail painlessly burns a hole through it and lets it drain. Soooo much better.

Wednesday night

It’s now nearly back to normal, which surprises the hell out of me. It was just the pressure of all the blood in there though, once that came out, it was fine. Still bruised because hey.. I squashed it in the door. I don’t think I actually broke anything though, just crushed every single nerve I had. I don’t think I’ve ever been in so much pain in my life. EVER. Should have drained it Monday night and not waited.