Groundhog Day: Music From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack I was watching Groundhog Day tonight and in it is a song that I think fits very well for my role in John’s life. It’s funny to me because the song is sung and written by a man. Listen to the clip here: clickey.

By Delbert McClinton

Pedictions show, a steady low,
You’re feeling just the same.
But seasons come and seasons go,
I’ll make you smile again.
If you don’t believe me, take me by the hand,
can’t you feel you’re warming up?
Ya, I’m your weartherman.

Cold winds blowin’
Snow is driving everone insane.
Hard rains fallin’
Pitter-Patter down your window pain.
If Precipitation is foilin’ all your plans,
Just call information up, ask for the weatherman.

Ask for the weatherman.

They say it’s gone, say weather’s done, that don’t mean a thing.
‘Cause I’m the one, that moves the sun,
For you I’d turn it into spring.
So when your feeling lonely,
Baby I can warm you up, cause I’m your weatherman.

It keeps going with a nice jazz background, but you get the idea…