John tested Friday for his Nidan (that’s 2nd degree black) in Akido and for his Shodan (1st degree black) in Hapkido. He passed, despite getting punched so hard in the diaphragm that he couldn’t breathe and nearly passed out. I also watched him accidentally backhand someone (after two delivering kicks to the torso) and split the guy’s cheek so he required 6 stitches. Holy hell. I know he’s a dangerous dude, but I never SEE it, you know? I was so worried about him when he started not being able to breathe. I was so scared, I just about got up ran over everyone to get to him. They were mostly unconcerned though, so I knew he’d be okay. It was so scary to watch though.. I stayed in my seat by sheer force. I knew that interrupting the test to go fawn all over him would only embarrass him! I love him and I love what he does and I LOVE knowing that he’d protect me with his life and be damn good at it.. I’m just not sure I can watch another test. 😛