We figured out how to get twinkle lights with no power source. LED throwies on a string! The white ones last like.. triple the yellow ones for some reason, so we’re doing those. John had the brilliant idea of shoving some in the cranes to light some of them up too. YES!

Invitations are addressed. The machine didn’t work, couldn’t print on dark paper with dark ink, so I asked someone to write white on them for me. Then I stamped a bird in one corner with white. They looked great and went out Thursday. A few people already have them and have RSVP’d. 🙂

The cranes are done being strung, thanks to John. He not only did all the remaining ones, but he did them all in less than half the time it took me. He strung about 600 of them in less than 4 days. That box is a total of 750 cranes. I have 250 set aside for cupcakes and baskets, and I have to still make the men’s bouts.

A local plant nursery is going out of business, so I was able to get a bunch of little birds and nests for decor for about $2 each. Yes please!

 I have most of my bouquet ready to go. I have 12 red cranes and 12 ivory feather picks. The day of, my sister is going to run around with some garden clippers and build the rest of it for me. I know it’ll look amazing.