I was at the school staff Christmas party on thursday. Everyone at the table I was at kept talkign about the TV shows they watch. It was all like “We watch Lost and…” some medical show, so sitcom.. etc. I was thinking “I don’t watch any of that stuff.” What ARE the best things to watch on TV? For me:

Dirty Jobs: The funniest deadpan guy you’ve ever seen doing the nastiest jobs you’ve never seen. And would never do. Episodes include Septic Tank Cleaner, Bat Poop Collector, Chicken Sexer, Zoo Keeper.. etc. Everything this poor man goes though is just made all the funnier by his deadpan delivery. Read his Q+A for a taste of the humor here.

Mythbusters: Imagine every urban legend you’ve ever heard. Will a penny thrown from a skyscraper kill a person walking below? Will pissing on the third rail kill you? Does a qucks quack echo? This hilarious duo put every one of them to the test. Watch, and find out for yourself.

The New Detectives, The FBI Files: Solve real life murders and crimes. Look at real evidence. CSI, sans personal drama.

Time Squad: Three unlikely heroes to keep history working right and keep time from unraveling. Orphan history buff Otto Osworth, cranky robot Larry 3000 and trigger-happy timecop Buck Tuddrussel all keep the future running smoothly by taking an intrest in the past. Imagine if Napoleon never wanted to conquer. Or if Eli Whitney invented flesh-eating robots instead of the cotton gin. Love love this show.

Wildest Police Videos: I love this show just because I like to watch dumbasses get what they deserve. If you run from the cops, expect to get caught. If you smuggle drugs, expect to get caught. If you murder someone, steal a car, then run from the cops, epect to get it taped and shown on TV.

MXC: Most Extreme Elimination Challenge! I have pegged this show before, but it’s still funny as hell.

CSI: Yes, I know… It’s somewhat popular. But it’s also quite similar to New Detectives and FBI Files, so I don;t feel bad watching it. I don’t really enjoy all the personal drama in it, but I do like all of the backstory they put into the episodes, so it’s a trade-up.

Naked Science: National Geograpic takes a look at the real science behind Atlantis, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Alien contact.. etc. Very informative show most of the time.

Seconds from Disaster: Deconstruct the worst disasters in history. What led up to them, how could they have been avoided? It’s all here.