So, after folding and stringing all 1000 cranes, now we get to shove things into them. Awesome. I wanted (from the very beginning!) twinkle lights over the venue. The venue we chose wouldn’t allow stakes in the ground, and there was no other way to get those heavy lights hung overhead. So then I decided that we could do vertical strands of them like this, but that wasn’t happening without a loud loud generator running all night. Well, we could do batter powered ones.. at twice the cost. So then I decided we could do solar powered light strands, but those were also twice the cost of normal ones. So we opted to DIY it a bit more and do LED throwies on string strands.John had the brilliant idea of putting the LED’s into the cranes, so now we’ll have glowing cranes!

Battery, LED, wrapped with cardstock so that the cardstock tab can be pulled out to make the connection and let the LED light up. Done this way, we can do them all ahead of time and just pull the little tabs the day of before getting them into the trees.