I bought John’s christmas present (Heroscape) on his borthday and wrapped it that night. I meant to wrap it in a larger box or somehting so he wouldn’t be able to guess what it was, but will all the almond-making, i just didn;t have time. Today while we are out at lunch he says “So, I need to figure out if I can open my present in front of my parents or not.” I’m like “Why wouldn’t you?” He replies with “Well, I don’t like ot open gaming supplies or sex toys in front of my parents. Should I open it here?” Grudgingly, I admit “Yeah, you should. Since you now know it’s gaming supplies, I’m assuming you’ve already guessed what it is, yes?” “Yeah,” he says. “I guessed it by the shape and size of the box.” “Damn!” I said. “Well then, go ahead and open it when we get home or whenever. There’s no surprise left, so you might as well.” So, that’s what he did. 🙂 Yay for cool gaming stuff. A lot of it will be usable for the Eberron game, but some won’t be. Worth it though.