It’s been a while since I posted anything. I’ve been so busy with work and christmas planning that I haven’t gotten the pictures off my camera until now. The stories just aren’t as fun sans photos, so they’re late. I will tell you though, being a Pre-school teacher has some holiday advantages in terms of nice people. I’ve been making out like a bandit at school. A $20 wal-mart card, a $10 Bath and Body Works card, a huge picture frame, an adorable brown bear in a copperish bathtub from B&BW, some fancy drawing pencils and paper, 4 ceramic japanese bowls, some bubble bath, great Victoria’s Secret body butter and shower stuff, and an apple nightlight. It’s nutty!
12035On the 21st, John and I and Tim and BrianS and Kevin all went over to Larken’s place for a little pre-christmas get together to open presents and stuff before people left for out of town. We all had a good time just messing around and drinking egg nogg. Well, Diet Coke for me. John and I bought Christine her own box of Apples to Apples, so we had a fun time playing that. John and I made it out with a collector’s edition DVD of Spaceballs from Tim and BrianS and our very own copy of Kung Pow on DVD from Christine and Bruce. Yay for awesome movies! The running gag and highlight of the party was the gift from Christine to Tim and BrianS. It was a talking Yoda doll. Yoda played Apples to Apples with us, Yoda got a little excited and knocked over someone’s drink.. etc. As an added bonus, if you poke Yoda in the ass, he says “See that you are interested in something else, I do. Save that for later, we will.”

1206212092I didn’t have to work yesterday, so I spent most of it hanging out with Larken and Munchie. I brough my camera with me and got lucky at the park and in her kitchen. Munch and Christine and I all ate at the China-Star Buffet, then made Cheerio-string birdfeeders, then we headed to the park. That park is a great park, as well as being out of the trees for some great near-sunset lighting in the winter. I came back home for a little while, but instead of taking a nap like I should have, i messed around with the pictures. Brian S called and we hung out and ate cheesy raviolli before going back over ot Christine’s place to watch Kung Pow. All In all, it was a fun few days.