Both of these photos were taken today. 🙂 I finally got my hair chopped for Locks of Love. It makes me feel nice, knowing that something I take for granted can mean so much to someone else. John and I took a my head to Great Clips, because they offer a free haircut to anyone that donates 10 inches or more. All told, I donated about 13 inches. I just asked the lady to cut it so that it turned under at the ends, which is an uncomplicated request. So, now i have hair that turns under at my collarbone. It’s been years since I’ve had it this short, and it’s rough to get used to. I can’t flip it behind my shoulders anymore. It just falls right back into my eyes. I’m sure I’ll be carrying barrettes and such with me lots now. So far though, I love it. It’s nice to have short hair again.