This list is mainly for myself. I tend to lose things when written down on paper, so I’m making my gift list here so I can’t lose the list of things I need to write thank-you’s for.

Baldwin Brass Hummingbird Ornament: link.
Fluffy Socks: like these!
5 in 1 sensor clock: here.
12 Artline flower feeders: right here.
National Geographic Photography Field Guide: Secrets to Making Great Pictures, Second Edition
Geisha : The Life, the Voices, the Art
James Clavell\’s Shogun

1 Loan Payment (kickass!)

John’s mom
Hummingbird Ornament: here.

Aunt Lorraine
1 unknown photography book (got shipped to BrianL)

Attracting and Feeding Hummingbirds (T.F.H. Wild Birds Series)
Geisha : A Life
Song In The Silence : The Tale of Lanen Kaelar

John’s Dad
Sigma Macro Super 70-300mm Lens: here.
12 Speed Blender: here.
Huge M&M bowl with candy
Gihardelli assortment

Conair Ultra Massaging Foot Spa: Wheee!

Kung Pow! Enter the Fist

Tim and BrianS
Spaceballs (Collector\’s Edition)

$20 Walmart Gift card – Charlie’s Mom
$10 Bath and Body Works card – Emily’s Dad
Bath and Body Works Bear + Bathtub – Sierra’s mom
Bubble Baths – Aiden’s Mom
Ice Cream Bowls, Fig + Pear Lotion – Milla’s Mom
Pencils and Paper – Hannah’s Mom
Tie-Dye shirt – Michael’s Mom
Apple Nightlight – Maison’s Mom
Victoria Secret Pear Glace Gel and butter – Nicholas’s Mom
Picture frame – Diane
Dog NotePad + Buckeyes – Renee
Snowman Soup – Sheri
Candy cup – Rebecca