Since I just bought the Rebel XT, I find myself needing a smaller camera than my Sony for daily use. I want to buy the Canon S500, since it uses Compact Flash like the XT and I wouldn’t have to get more memory cards.

So, the Sony. Asking price is $400:

1 Sony DSC-V1: specs here. ($150)
All cords that came with it. USB, power, TV.. etc.
3 Batteries Np-FC11 ($15 each)
1 512 Memory stick ($50)
1 1GB Memory Stick ($100)
1 Lens/filter adapter tube ($20)here.
1 F-adapter ($30) like this, for use with a scope or binoculars.
1 2x teleconverter lens ($40) here.
1 soft-sides camera bag ($15)
Total worth: $450

Let me know if you’re interested!