Find out that I am indeed partially Native American.
The upstairs water heater breaks overnight, flooding our apartment.
Got a fun ice storm.

Stumpy adopts us.
I adopt a Betta fish from Atari.

Trip to San Diego
Christine’s baby shower.
The first year watching for hummingbirds to return.

Find out that gardening w/o gloves really sucks.
Finally some hummingbirds.

Visit the ren-fest.
Cut 13 inches off my hair for Locks of Love.
Finally learn to use the sewing machine.
Decide that I need a $2000 camera

Move website to Dreamhost
Stumpy has her own blog.
Panic when I find wasps in my car door.
Decide that I can live with the $900 camera instead.

Baby Benjamin is born.
Start new job

I turn 26 years old.
See the first non flying live bat of my life under a tree.
First annual Georgia hummingbird Festival
Make the switch from PostNuke to WordPress

Southern gas shortage scare.
My car dies for a while.
My last hummingbird leaves for southern migration.

John and his dad make the car live again.
Find some kittens near the complex’s dumpster.
Sell my huge collection of Pixietails on Ebay.
Finally get rid of the kittens.
Buy the $900 camera at $700 on Ebay.
Meggie visits.

seXXXy haooloween.
Reach my 10000th photo with a digital camera.

Dealing with a stomach bug at work.
I get the tummy bug.
John turns 27.