12173Larken threw a New Year’s party last night! It was tamer than we’re usually used to because of babies and all, but still very awesome. Jeff, Angel, Larken Blixem, John, Me, Tim, BrianS, DavidB, Sara (Larken’s mom), Eric and Sara were all there. There were also four children, three dogs, a cat, and lots of fish. They don’t really count though. I photo-geeked with DavidB for the begining of the party, then jumped in on the rest of the games played. We played the requisite Apples to Apples (awesome!), and also a fun guessing game. Everyone writes down one thing that happened to them in the past year, then the papers are all mixed up and numbered. One person reads all of them aloud, and the rest have ot guess who wrote what was on the paper. I wrote “Wasps nested in my car door.”, but the best one was “I had a finger up my butt.” All in all, a good time had by all.

Angel and Jeff were also finally back from Texas, which means that we had Christmas presents to exchange! Jeff and Angel now have a Player’s Handbook 3.5, and I now have a brand new hummingbird feeder with copper! I love it. I replaced the apple feeder with it, as it’s much prettier. I didn’t fill it up though, because there are no hummingbirds around here now. I keep the other two feeders filled just in case, but that one doesn’t need to be filled just yet.

12264I got bored this afternoon, so john and I took a walk. I grabbed the XT with the new huge lens as we left, thinking I might get somehting. As we were walking along a creekside, we nearly stepped on a well camouflaged Mourning Dove on the ground. She(he?) was watching us carefully, but not moving away. I whipped up the camera and shot a few frames before wondering what was wrong with her. I got about a foot away and was bending down as she finally flew off, landing heavily on the shore of the other side of the creek. She seemed like she could fly just fine, so i shot a few more frames and we continued on. When we came back around, she was still in the same place. Doves are really stupid birds, so I crept down and scared her out of the creek bed. She hid herself in some bushes, but I still think there’s something wrong with her. I did enjoy the photos I got though. 🙂