John and I are headed to ARIZONA! John’s dad is sending us for a week in early May so I can slobber all over 13 species of hummingbirds (and photograph them) while John laughs at me. Here’s the sketchy pre-planning phase schedule:

Day 1: Leave Atlanta, arrive in Phoenix. rent car, drive to tucson. Check in to hotel, spend the rest of the day messing about in tucson getting coupons and transit schedules.
Day 2: Arizona Sonora Desert Museum has a hummingbird aviary among some other really awesome stuff.
Day 3: ASDM again, since it’s reccomended to take 2 days to go through.
Day 4: Drive down to Sierra Vista for Ash Canyon, Beatty’s Guest Ranch, and Ramsey Canyon.
Day 5: Ash, Beatty’s and Ramsey some more. Or if done head to SABO‘s banding station. Perhaps drive over to Paton’s Feeders or Patagonia-Sonoita Creek Preserve.
Day 6: Another day for the canyons or drive back to Tucson for Colossal cave Park, Tucson Botanical Gardens or Reid Park Zoo.
Day 7: Zoo, Cave, or Botanical Gardens again.
Day 8: Drive back to Phoenix, drop off car. Get on plane, return to ATL.

Here’s a map! We may change the entire Sierra Vista bit with the first two days in Tucson, just so we can have the entire tucson stay at once, rather than in two seperate bits. It’s just hard to say how long we (meaning I) will want to stay in the canyons. I will have to get some more memory cards for my camera, or borrow a laptop to download pics to. I will certainly have to get some more batteries. Let me know if you have any borrowable/sellable Compact Flash cards.