‘She wasn’t kidding either, because just then in came in the biggest, meanest haddock I ever seen come down the pike….
I’m tired of waking up with fish. With a haddock. No, with a headache. For the past week, I’ve had a border-line migraine all damn day. Usually a night of sleep will fix it, but not this week. Grrr. I know migraine predisposition is genetic, but I get a fun double dose because of my epilepsy. Wheee, seizures and head-pain! Fun times. Always on the right front side of my head too! Anyway, I’ve been popping Aleve and Excedrin for breakfast all week. I think it may have something to do with the storms/high pressure and my period. Either that or I’m developing a brain tumor. 🙂 I mentioned the brain-tumor joke to John today while we were at Burger King. I even pantomimed the brain pressure building up and boring a hole through my skull, finally shooting all my grey matter out of it at high velocity. He didn’t think it was so funny. ::sigh::