12307Geekery… is that even a word? Bah, who cares! I have a new lens for the XT! Wheeeee! It came by UPS today. I love it. It’s the Sigma 50mm DG Macro. The damn thing can focus about an inch away, and make just about anything look good. It’s wonderful. The peacock feather to the left is uploaded just as it came out of the camera, no changes. It’ sa big file, but it really shows how close that lens can get. I can see the boogers up Lincoln’s nose on a penny. This lens will also double as my portrait lens, since 50mm is considered to be the ‘norm’ for portraits.
You may also notice that photo’s name is “Canon Digital Rebel XT1000.JPG”. That’s right, it’s the 1000th photo out of my XT. I haven’t been shooting as much with it as I should be. I mean, I just got the tiny Canon s400 a few days ago and I’m up to over 200 already. I’m taking the XT out tomorrow to see what wacky things I can get into the world of close-ups.