12314The Stump has been eating more and more cat food lately. Either she’s still got worms (likely), or she’s bored (more likely). I’ve been attempting to cut her down on food a little because she’s begining to develop a bit of a pudge on her underbelly. Fat kitties are cute, but she doesn’t need to become a fat layabout. Anyway, we keep the cat food in a big tupperware lock-tite container unless we’ve just bought some. It doesn’t all fit in the container, so the rest gets rolled up in the bag and stored near the bowl. Stumpy runs over to the bag, yowls one big long yowl, then tips her empty food dish over. Well, yes ma’am! So I go over and unroll the bag of cat food, and the photo to the left is what I find. LOL! john’s gone for the weekend, but he knew I’d find it and have a laugh. Silly man.