The weather here has been so warm that the trees and bushes have started budding again. The lovely lavender rosebush of mine has already sprouted a few new leaves. It’s nutty! It’s been so nice out that i keep looking around for hummingbirds, even though I know they don’t return for another 3 months! It doesn;t help that I got a Michigan Bulb catalog a few days ago. They even have a Butterfly and Hummingbird Garden for dummies like me who can’t grden at all. I really want to buy this at some point, but Muchigan bulb’s customer service reputation is terrible. I’ve ordered once before and did okay as far as gettign the plants, but nothing I planted last year from them survived, so I don’t think I’ll do it again. Plus, planting all those plants hurt! Maybe I’ll go for a less painful route and just buy a Hummingbird wildflower seed mix and throw it all over the place.