I listen to a lot of music, but it’s all different music. I don’t buy much either. For those of you who listen to new music all the time *cough*Scott*cough*, this may come as a bit of a shock. Here’s a few artists that I would buy or have bought their albums:

Rob D/ Rob Dougan: His wonderfully graveley voice lends itself perfectly to the industrial beats and melodies of his songs. Some of them don’t even have lyrics!

Weird Al Yankovic: I own every CD he’s published but for three compilations. I prefer his earlier stuff, but most of the recent stuff is pretty good too. I’ve even been to see him live, my only concert.

Audioslave: Moody and slow, but yet powerful. I just want to sing along to just about everything they put out. Very unique lead singer’s voice.

Dave Mathews Band: Not my normal stuff, but it’s very nicely upliting. Slow and melodious, it makes me smile.

David Bowie: From Labyrinth soungtrack to his UK rock, it’s all weird and great.

Enya: Soft, soothing, beautiful. I can sing along with this for hours. It makes me think of how elves sing.

Evanescence: Yes, yes. i know it’s pop, and some people hate them. I, however, love them. The lead singer’s voice is stunningly powerful. I could sing slong in my car with this until I wore my voice out.

Metallica: I love hard rock with melody. It’s not screaming into the microphone with nasty hair… it’s real songs sung with real melodies. With and awesome beat.

Michael Jackson: Yes, I know. Yes, he might touch little boys. Yes, he’s got a nasty nose. Neither of these things impact the sound of his music. I like his songs.

The Cure: Come on. Everyone knows why.

Tracy Chapman: Great voice! Slow-ish beaty songs. Nice to listen to on a rainy day.

Maroon 5: Another somewhat gravely voiced group with somewhat pop-y songs, but I love them.

There are plenty more one-hit-wonders that i love, but I won’t name them all.