12317Back at the end of September, I blogged about finding a giant green catterpillar at work. It turned out to be a Polyphemus Moth, one of the biggest moths here. We’ve been having a lot of storms as of late here, with a lot of wind. It’s been blowing a lot of branches and leaves out of the trees around work. Well, a few day ago, I found what looked like an empty cocoon. The outside looked whole, but it was too light to have anything inside. I tossed it by the fence, curious to see if anything came out eventually. The day after that, I found another, blown down by another storm. This one, was quite heavy. I tossed it beside the first one, figuring whatever was in it was long dead. Yesterday, i found a third one, blown down again. I finally said to hell with it and took this one home. I did a little research and found that it’s the cocoon of the green catterpillar! It will hatch a lovely Polyphemus Moth in May! I hung it outside so it can hatch in May. I’ll go back on Monday and pick up the other two, as well as any others I can find.