I woke up early today, hoping to whatever hummingbird god exists that the little girl hummingbird that I had seen yesterday would come back. She did!! Not only do I have one returning, but two! I sat outside on the back porch and ate breakfast about 4 feet from the feeder. I even set up the tripod (thanks to Blixem or letting me borrow it for 1/2 a year) a foot away from it. Nothing bothered her! She came right down and checked out the camera, the tripod, and my waffles. The she settled down at the feeder and I shot some small movies of her in good light (here and here. As one of them was feeding this afternoon, the second female came down to chase her off. Surprised the hell out of me, as I was standing outside at the time. I heard this very loud buzz behind me, then saw the two of them rocket out towards the trees. Whew! For a second there, I was scared I was being attacked by scary wasps! I suspected that I was seeing two last night, because they were coming every 3 minutes. Since hummingbirds feed only every 10 minutes, I thought I might have two around. I may even have more than that, actually. These two are at the feeder in the back, and I’ve been seeing one (or more) at the feeder in the front. Now, it may be that one of the two in back is going around front to get away from the second one, but it’s unlikely. They usually have favorite feeders and flowers they use. So, I may have more than two little girls! Wheee!! You can see more pictures in the brand new Hummingbirds Album!