So, while I’ve been laying bed all week with the Flu, it seems that I’ve also been busy getting myself fired. Here’s a timeline:

Saturday: Begin to show symptoms. Spend evening in bed.
Sunday: Begin fever. it goes from 99 to 101.5 over the course of the day. I called my boss to let her know i wouldn’t be in on Monday, that i likely had the Flu.
Monday: More fever. from 101 to 103.
Tuesday: 5am, call boss again. Leave a message on her phone saying that I won’t be in the rest of the week because no one else needs to be sick either. Spend whole day in bed with fever of 103.
Wednesday: near delirious with high fever, dreams about magic and never being well again.
Thursday: fever finally down, can get out of bed and eat. 11:50pm, receive message on my phone dated Tuesday at 9:18am. Boss’s message is frantic, wondering where I am. It seems she didn’t get my message Tuesday at 5am!
Today: call Boss. She’s highly angry with me. School policy says that employees are to call in DAILY or it’s grounds for termination (in retrospect, I should have called to make sure she got the message, but I figured she’d surely call me to see how I was doing anyway).

Calling daily is a new thing to me. When i worked for The UPS Store, he told us to call in and let him now how long we’d be gone. That it was annoying for him to take daily phone calls. I mean, the more warning, the better, right? So, I spend 45 minutes on the phone explaining what had happened and why I hadn’t called.. etc. She says she’ll have to talk it over with her Boss and let me know if I still have a job on Monday. She seems to think that I’m easily the type of person who’d just run off and jump into another job and abandon her, which isn’t the case at all. If she thinks that, then so do my other co-workers by this point, so I’m not even sure if I’d WANT to go back if I had a job on Monday. By this point, the kids’ parents surely think me some awful child-abandoning teacher and would rather see someone else in there as well. This may even be some trumped-up excuse to get me out of the school just because they’ve been having ‘some problems’ with my non-Christianness. Grrr. I just don’t know what’ll happen.