Finally!! I was chatting with John this afternoon. He was standing by my chair, and I was looking at him. He happened to glace out the window at the right moment, and interrupts me with “Hummingbird.”. Sure enough, it’s a little female Ruby Throat hummingbird, hovering over the feeder. I quickly boiled up a new batch of sugar water and changed out the feeders, hoping she’d come back instead of disappearing like the other two I saw earlier. She did! I stalked her all day except for a quick trip down to the wild bird store to pick up my mom’s Mother’s Day present (a pair of hummingbird feeders). I got a lot of blurry photos of her until I broke down and used the tripod. I laid in wait and finally got a few good shots of her with a flash nearing sunset. I even shot a 26 second (2MB) movie of her. She doesn’t chat much while feeding like other Ruby Throats, so the movie is almost silent. Too far away from her to get the hum of her wings. Here’s hoping she comes back tomorrow!