Dead Fish 2… and it smells like dead fish. This is an ongoing theme here, because it happens every year. Each year, the very pretty Bradford pears burst into bloom as soon as the weather warms up. In 2004 it smelled like dead fish. In 2003 it did too! My high school had a row of about 8-10 of these things all lined up out front. As soon as you got off the bus, BAM! Dead fish smell.
I took the Rebel XT out last night, playing around some more with the nice macro lens. I got that shot and few others. There are no cherry blossoms yet, but the mistletoe is in bloom. Or rather, in berry. I don’t know what blooming mistletoe looks like, but our have white berries all over them now. I’ve also seen wasps tday, since it’s about 70F right now. The wasp death traps will have to go out today.