13041I was on the phone with Larken this afternoon when I hear a crashing sound, then nothing, then an animal squealing sound. Thinking it was just a squirell telling off an intruder, I keep talking. The sound doesn;t stop though, and I can see a lot of rustling on the ground underneath a tree. I walk over, expecting to see two squirells fighting in the leaves. No, it was just one squirell, lying on it’s side, squealing in pain, poor thing. It’s legs were all working, but it just couldn’t get up, so it kept turning circles in the leaves. I ran in to get a towel (squirell bites are BAD) and put it in a box. It seemed to get a bit shocky then, and it looked ot be hurt badly, so John and I hopped in the truck and drove it over to the UGA Small Animal Teaching Hospital. They’re the only people here licensed to deal with wild animal injuries. They started laughing when I brought him in because they’d had two squirells, a possum, and a hedgehog in already today. The doc took the box with the squirell in it and told me he’d be right back. Dum de dum.. He comes back with two elbow-legnth raptor handling gloves on and says “Judging from his reaction, I think he’ll be fine.” He thinks the squirell knocked himself silly when he fell and just forgot how to use his legs for a while, but was pretty much fine by the time we got there. He said they’ll give him some water and release him later today. Yay!