1315213134I HAVE HUMMINGBIRDS!!! Ah…. Yeah. I do. I saw the first one at 5:55pm this evening. A bright, shiny adult male. I yelled so loud that I scared the poor thing away. I grabbed my camera and laid in wait for him to return. Snapped a few photos to make sure I had some, then set up the tripod to see about getting some identifying shots. A few hours later (with these beautiful shots), and I said “wait a minute… I think it’s two different birds…” I looked out front and there’s a male hummingbird. I look out back and there’s… a male hummingbird! Both at the same time, two different feeders. So far I haven’t seen them fighting yet, but the peace won’t last long. Yay for me, this is 11 days earlier than last year! I just hope they stick around this time. Larken, fill up the feeder, they’re probably wondering what’s going on over at your old place.