I’ve already packed what I can. I’m so keyed-up abount being in Arizona that I’m starting to try and pack what I can’t. Like the cat. No, not really… but like the pajamas. If I pack them, I can’t wear them to bed, duh. All the camera batteries are already charged, all of the memory cards emptied. The maps are found, directions printed, hotels called. I’m so ready to be gone already! I find myself looking around and going “Next week at this time, we’ll be doing ________.”
I’ve been talking on and off with Sheri Williamson, a co-founder of Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory. I was hoping to catch a Hummingbird Banding session, but it turns out that she has workshops to do the entire time we’re out there, so we won’t get to see her at all. That’s a shame, really. I’d wanted to meet at least someone I’d been chatting with out there. None of my Hummingbird Forum people are going when I’ll be there (not for lack of trying on my part). It’ll be pretty much John and I, plus anyone we happen to meet out there.