While I was out at Target getting Larken’s baby shower gift on Monday, I ran though the cheap tee’s section. I always scrounge for new shirts, because I’m the type of girl that gets bored with her clothes fast. I buy cheap shirts because by the time they wear out, I’m bored with them. Same thing I do with my underwear too. Anyway, I was running though Target’s $10 shirts and in the back, they had a Where The Wild Things Are tee shirt! I had to buy it. Like every child of my generation, it was read to me in bed. Filled with nostalgia, I was forced to purchase it. I LOVE it. Make mischief! I just had to share with everyone. There’s one more shot of it in the Me album. Before anyone asks: Yes, my hair is really long, yes, I think I’ve gained weight. Yay for me! I stepped on the scale this morning as was shocked to see 145! I’ve been sitting at 135 since I was 15! My hair is now getting long enough for me to chop it all off at the collarbone and send it to Locks of Love. I’ve been growing it out for the past year so I can send it to them and help make a sick kid happier. What’s funny is that I went to go visit Hannah and Mrs. Dean on Monday afternoon, and Hannah had just chopped off her hair to send it to them! Most people have never heard of it. Whee for a summer haircut!