I just woke up from a nasty nap. I dreamed that John and I were living in this huge house near a forest. The big trees pretty much came right to the huge glass windows that covered the entire side of one wall in the room we were in. We were watching somehting on TV then a really really (read: horse-sized) big lion jumped out of the trees outside and began pacing back and forth on a little sitting-sill outside the glass. Naturally, I got my camera and shot a few (non-flash) photos. John was watching me somewhat bemusedly. Suddenly, it reared up on hind legs and proceded to claw at the glass, obviously wanting inside so it could get us. I saw it’s elbow crack the glass, so I gasped and yelled “The glass broke! RUN!” before running out of the room. I was aware that running would just make it’s prey drive stronger, so i ran into the nearest room I could find with a wooden door: the bathroom. As I fumbled the phone out of my pocket to call 911, I opened the door a crack to check on it and saw that it had John’s shoe in it’s mouth. Looking around for John, I was horrified to see that he’d been knocked behind the sofa. It was like one of those family films where they show that someone’s hurt or dead by placing them behind something and showing only a body part, motionless. That’s what I saw. John’s feet, motionless. The rest of his body unseeen behind the couch. I woke up, breathing really hard and near tears. Yikes!