John and I broke down and finally bought a copy of World of Warcraft! We traded in a bunch of PS2 games we never play anymore and got about 1/2 of the price of the game. Not bad at all. We’re both busy n00bing it out in there. Larken showed up and helped me kill stuff for a while. Blixem also showed up for a bit last night and gave John some bags, but I’m still stuck with the 16 slot default backpack. We’re liking it so far. The game won’t run on my computer because I’ve got a shitty video card, but we’ve only got one account, so neither of us would be able to play at the same time anyway.
Come see us! Just tell me who you are or I won’t answer. It took me 15 mintues to figure out how to talk to Larken last night.
John- Orc Warrior: Varik
Me- Night Elf Hunter: Sequiro