Blixem just came over with a new video card for John. He happened to bring one for me too! Yay! So instead of the Pine XP-2800, I now have a 3D Prophet 4500. Muuuuuuuuch better. World of Warcraft actually runs on my computer now! I don’t have to usurp John’s computer anymore so I can play.

In other news, I shot my first paid wedding this weekend. Kim and Kacy, two lesbian friends of mine, asked me to do the photography for thier wedding on Saturday. I won’t post any until I get permission, but I think they came out rather well. I was supposed to get the formal portraits out of the way before the ceremony. The ceremony was scheduled to begin at 7pm, so I was going to start the formals at 6pm. They had a hellish week (including a death in the family), and were not realy at all until about 7:30. They decided to do the formals after the ceremony, which left me about 30 mintutes of light left to get them done. Not the best conditions, but I can edit a lot in Photoshop. They’re in Key West fo rthe week, but I’ll have the majority of them done by the time they get back. I’ll ask about posting shots on their return.