Here’s another quick snip of the graphic novel. I found this part particularly funny. Lori is modeled after me, and Bruce and Christine’s names will get changed eventually.

Xine “Hey, I liked your long hair. Come on, the test are ready/”
-Both go to Christine’s kitchen. She’s set up a bucket of water, a pan of dirt and a pan with some wood in it.
“Okay, start with the fire first.”
Lori “How?”
Xine “I don’t know. Think about seeing a fire on the wood?”
Lori “I don’t really ____”
-Is interrupted by a FOOM! Of flame from the wood. Frame of both girls looking at something red and glowing off screen, very surprised.
Xine -Grabs the bucket of water and douses the wood
“God, Lori! Leave me some eyebrows, would you?”
Lori -Looks at blackened pan
“Maybe we should do this outside.”
Bruce -Cut to Bruce arriving home. He turns off the car, gets out and walks toward the house. He undoes his tie and untucks his dressy shirt and he’s walking in the door.
“Honey, I’m home! Honey?”
-Wanders into the kitchen to find the blackened pan of wood and wet floor. He races around trying to find Christine, finally checking outside. He sees Lori and Christine. Christine is holding a running hose. Both are soaking wet and smeared with dirt and soot. There is a small pile of burning logs off to one side, and the bucket of water has some undulation water sticking up out of it. As he stares, slack-jawed, some dirt clods roll by on their own.
Xine “Oh, hi, honey! How was work?”
Bruce -Silently pulls the door shut and turns and goes back in the house. (Perhaps he gets a beer?)
-Cut to Xine, Lori and Bruce at a table. Bruce looks a little the worse for wear and there are quite a few empty beer bottles lined up in front of him.
Xine “… and that’s when you got home. You know everything that happened after that.”
Bruce -To Lori
“So… some dude told you that you’d be an elf, Nathan turned into an ogre, you got kidnapped, you turned into an elf, you got some special powers, then my wife cut your hair and convinced you to test your powers in our backyard.”
Lori “That pretty much sums it up, yeah.”
Bruce -to Xine
“It took you THAT long to tell me that?”
Xine “Helloooo.. Theater major here.”
Bruce -to Lori
“So, Freak of Nature… ::smile:: What exactly CAN you do with those powers?”
Lori “As your long-winded wife surmised, it’s all elemental control. Earth, wind, water, fire. I don’t know how much yet, and I can’t do a damn thing to man-made objects. No alloys, no plastics, no brick.. etc”
Bruce “Interesting. Well, this beer is about to catch up with me, so I think I’ll head to bed. You girls have fun burning down the rest of the backyard.”